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Conniff Construction

Thank you for your interest in our company. Complete the form below to send us an email, or simply give us a call. We're looking forward to working with you.

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    Our Process

    9 Easy Steps Towards Your Dream Home

    Step 1. Get In Touch With Us

    We can’t wait to see what you have in mind for your home. Fill out our form and provide as many details as possible. Send us some photos of your space and any inspiration photos/plans that you may have.

    Step 2. Phone Consultation

    During our phone consultation, we’ll talk about your project in more detail. We’ll discuss the timeline, budget, and all the upgrades you wish for your home. Based on the information provided, we’ll be able to offer you a free estimate for your project right over the phone! If it makes sense, we move forward to the Design & Pricing phase where we have several on-site consultation packages to fit your needs.

    Step 3. Project Analysis

    (Plans Complete Or Not Required)

    We offer 100% free Estimates and phone consultation for your projects. Once an estimate is approved, a minimal Project Analysis Deposit (PAD) would be required to move forward with one of our on-site consultation packages which include:

    • On-site consulting

    • Site and Plan review

    • Professional Estimating and takeoffs

    • Detailed Scope of Work

    • Quoted price for Conniff Construction Co. to complete the project.

    This PAD gets credited towards your project upon signing of the Contract – making it absolutely FREE!

    Step 4. Design & Price Phase

    (When Plans / Designs Needed)

    It’s time to be creative with your home. A great design is the blueprint of a successful project, ensuring that you get what you want while saving time and money. When the design is complete, you’ll have a clear idea of what the end result will look like and what it will actually cost. Our Design & Price service starts at $2,500, with upgraded packages available.

    Step 5. Signing The Contract

    We will walk you through the contract and answer any questions you may have. This will include all Terms, Conditions and a Progress Payment schedule – as work progresses, payments become due. Once you agree with all the aspects presented in the contract, we’ll be able to move forward to the next step.

    Step 6: Pre-Job Walkthrough

    Before getting to work, we’ll do a pre-job walkthrough. We’ll make sure we’re equipped with all that’s necessary to turn your vision into reality. You can already start envisioning your perfect living space while we’re preparing to bring it to life.

    Step 7. We Get To Work

    Once everything is in order, we’ll work our magic to give you the home you’ve always envisioned. We’ll keep you up to date with every step as we work on your project, from permits to timelines. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we do everything to exceed your expectations.

    Step 8. Post-Job Walkthrough

    We’ll do a post-job walkthrough together to make sure everything is just as you envisioned. You can use this time to ask us any remaining questions you may have or give us feedback about the end result.

    Step 9. Enjoy Your Upgraded Home

    Your dream home is now a reality! All you need to do at this point is gather your family and friends and spend quality time together. We’re positive you won’t regret the decision to update and add value to your home.

    Ready To Fall In Love With your Home Again?